By Haywood Hunter

If you have a typical modern busy life, then it is quite understandable if you do not have the patience or time to go out and get yourself a natural tan. However, the good news is that there are new artificial tanners which are proving to be just as effective in terms of consistency and ease of application. One of the creams with universal appeal is the renowned Sun Love self tanner as the details below shows.

The most consistent compliment expressed by users of the new Sun Love self tanner has to do with its formulation. It is a cream that is exclusively made of natural ingredients that are nonetheless well researched to ensure consistency in how they work on the skin. You can be certain that even after multiple applications; your skin will retain its natural glow even after the tan has faded.

There are many horror tales told by people who applied artificial tanners only to end up with a distinct yellowish or orange colored tan. Sun Love self tanner is unique because the tan you get will be a healthy bronze shade. In addition too, the Sun Love self tanner also leaves your skin healthy, smooth and supple even if you take to wearing the tanner for weeks or months continuously.

If you apply the Sun Love self tanner correctly and consistently on your skin, you can be certain that the eventual tan will last you at least a week. To ensure even more longevity, ensure your skin is well exfoliated prior to application. If you continue exfoliating daily, you can be certain that the Sun Love self tanner tan will also fade of evenly.

If you have been frustrated by creams which are difficult to apply consistently all over the skin, the Sun Love self tanner will throw your conception out of the water. Because Sun Love self tanner is much lighter and even a darker shade, you can apply it evenly all over the skin without leaving dark and light spots. The dark tint also helps you to correct any mistakes before the tan has set in.

Some users are concerned on first applying the cream that the dark formulation will make them much darker than they intended. This is a baseless fear because some of the dark coloring of the Sun Love self tanner is meant to come off after you take a bath or go for a swim. Indeed, this is the reason you are likely to run across a number of Sun Love self tanner reviews which mention that a single day after application, the tan was much lighter.

If you have used some of the poorly formulated self tanners, it is likely that you were put off by the inevitable bad smell for days after. This is an experience that the Sun Love self tanner will no subject you to. The cream has a pleasant cherry fragrance that also disappears after the tan has set in on your skin.

When it comes to self tanning creams, there are some products that give you a great tan and some which make you look even worse. According to online reviews and ratings, the Sun Love self tanner is in a class of its own in terms of effectiveness and consistence. Buy it today and experience its magic first hand.

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