By Paul Allen

Kayak is a small boat that has a covered deck that accommodates one or two people at the cockpit. This type of boat is propelled by double paddles and originated from the eskimo in Canada. The kayak has a similar shape like a canoe but is smaller than the canoe. The deck of the kayak was topped with a waterproof animal skin that prevented water from getting in. For a kayak harpeth river is worth checking out.

There are different designs and shapes of kayaks that existed in traditional form. At first, the common one was round in shape having many chines that made the kayak to look like blimp. The other one looked more angular having gunwale rising at a specific point on the stem and bow. The last one was the same as the first one but it had a bigger paddle fitting more snug.

The kayaks were used mainly to hunt in the inland lakes. They were also used in exploring of rivers and coastal waters. Their design was based on the experience of people who used them and that of the generation before them. They were made with a special skin jacket which created a waterproof seal.

So many skills in hunting require a lot of maneuvering and movement. If one could sink, the jacket skin would help them to regain posture. The place where the Eskimos were living, had bad environment and temperatures thus hindering them from learning how to swim. This is because water used to be cold. Therefore, kayak was made in a design to allow them propel on water not having fear of drowning and capsizing. In that case, the jacket provided warmth during the cold weather.

In modern day the design of the kayak has changed and the animal skin is no longer used as a waterproof. There is the use of a deck spray that is placed on the deck in order to make it waterproof. The deck spray is an elastic material which is flexible and can be placed around the boat. The materials used in making of the kayak have changed from timber to fiber glass. These materials are lighter and are easy to move around with.

Kayaking is a recreational activity that involves surfing through water in a kayak. It has been practiced since the early days as a water sport. People would compete over water for long distances for a price. It is a very adventurous and fun activity that these days it is not only a sport but also a family fun activity. It is an outdoor activity that enables one to explore the water environment.

Most people these days use it for fishing and photography. One can also decide to take a peaceful paddle across the sea because it is so relaxing. The kayaks are designed for leisure hence are open for one to enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, sea, lake or river.

Kayaking has also been adapted by the military as the boats are easy to maneuver and give a low profile as one goes to the enemy territory. However this can be risky for those who lack experience. Before paddling for longer distances one is trained on how to tackle shorter distances. During the training course there is the use of a taster that helps the trainee to float.

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