By Ruth Morgan

Cleaver students have come up with methods to remember facts after they are taught in class. They take their time to summarize what they are taught to make it easy to master the content. Math flashcards are used to ensure that all formulas used in the mathematics lessons stick in the mind of a learner to be able to solve problems. Below are some of the things you need to know about these cards.

Avoid sharing of cards with other people if there is enough time before you sit for your examination. It is vital to take your time and make your analysis depending on your understanding. The shortcuts of using that which has been made leads to misinterpretation of information; thus, invalid conclusions are made. In situations where the content is too much and the time left to cover is limited, one can be advised to use already made cards.

Use of words only at times, makes concepts look hard and complicated. It is nice if one comes up with a way to develop diagrams that relate to the written words to make it easy to understand everything. Remember that, it is easy to remember pictures than written information. Most teachers do not give all the details to learners since they expect that they should do research on their own and come up with more ideas.

Make sure that you have one question per card. By having this, you can be organized in your revision, and you can be sure that confusion will be eliminated. Facts about each question should be attached on the other side of the flash for clarification. Avoid mixing concepts when revising if you want to achieve your set goals.

During learning in class teachers may use hard terms that are hard for students to understand. Focused students do not ignore what they are told, and they try by all means to seek for simpler words to use for a better understanding of the concept. Terminologies used in books may seem hard, and thus the use of synonyms would be better.

After you are through with reading your flash and you are sure that all important things are at your fingertips, request a friend to listen to you to give an overview of what you have been doing. Your colleague should also be useful in the topic you are revising so as you can be corrected when you go wrong. In the absence of a person, you can do the exercise on your own.

Read your cards on both sides. It is important to be keen on what you write on both sides of the flash. It may be crucial to know the two faces of cards to avoid omission of valuable tips. For that reason, one should organize work in the right way so as the set goal can be achieved adequately.

If it happens that you are not able to come up with the revision cards, you should talk to your teachers so as they can give you a guideline on how to make one. Use other related books to add a summary on what you are taught to be more informed. Relying on what you are taught in class only is not an excellent idea. Be focused determined to come up with advanced information on your cards for better results.

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