By Dennis Wright

It goes without saying that advertising is a great way to reach out to customers and generate more revenue in a business. For long, business people have depended on it to take their ventures into tangible profitability. When it comes to advertising, most businesses opt for TV and newspaper segments. However, EDDM is quickly gaining reputation as a preferred advertisement model.

It is a method of advertising to targeted customers through the use of the United States Postal Service. Your business can grow in revenue by simply subscribing to an option that gives you access to new customers. The metrics that one uses to draw up a preferred audience include neighborhood, distance and income. It has proven to be a good model for growing businesses so far.

Some of the businesses that can benefit immensely from this advertising model include restaurants, retail stores, salons, dry cleaners, auto repairs, gyms, dentists and moving companies. These are examples of businesses that do not often generate enough revenue to sustain ads in TV stations and newspapers.

To make use of the service, you ought to start by signing up with the USPS. You should choose a merchant account if your sole purpose is to reach an audience through advertising. Next, a preferred route ought to be selected. This is where your adverts get to move from the post office to your audience.

Fortunately, the postal service has created a mapping tool that can be used online by subscribers who want to have an easy time choosing routes. By using it, you should easily find the right routes to use for delivery within your area. If your aim is to get to a certain neighborhood for example, what you want is a short route to the place.

The next step is creating a mailing piece. The postal service is pretty strict when it comes to the size of paper used in advertising. There are several designs offered on the website. The most important thing is to choose a design that delivers messages that are clear and concise.

Using a printing firm to create the final product is a must if you desire a great outcome. Many firms are well versed with several printing formats. Your firm should be flexible enough to do the preparation and design work besides printing.

Once everything is set, choose a day for the dropping off of your adverts. Your post office should have a list of dates when deliveries are made. Payment should be made before delivery nonetheless. Nowadays, online payments are accepted by the service. For convenience, make regular use of your credit card. When choosing the date for your drop off, be clear about your target destination and advert numbers.

There are processing forms that also ought to be filled before mails are sent. These forms are important in instructing the service on how to process your order. If there is a customer who does not want unsolicited adverts, ensure you include his address in the special section left out in the form.

When you begin registering new customers, your revenue will certainly rise. Some enterprises even report double growth. This is a model that guarantees success.

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