By Martha Miller

Why is sailing such a great skill to learn? We all know how much spending the day out on a water adventure like sailing is a fun and thrilling experience. Some people take a leisure sail cruise while well-trained crews run the boats and tend to their every need. Others might like to race their boats for sport or perhaps just learn the technical skills that Chicago sailing provides.

Fresh knowledge, new skill. Learning how to sail is a refreshing new found knowledge that has been waiting for you to learn. There is so much useful information that you can tack onto everyday life and things that you honestly never knew. The skills that will be taught and left for you to develop are amazing. Tasks that you never even thought you would bring yourself on. The skills learned in cruising lessons will be part of your achievements as you advance and develop them.

Check to make sure that the line you want to take to the winch leads (points) up to the winch. You may find on some boats that the line leads down to a winch--and that can be dangerous. You can change the lead of a line with a block. Sail sheets (control lines) pass through blocks first before they get to the winch. Blocks that help point the line in the correct direction to the winch are often called "lead blocks" because of the "lead" or "redirect" the line in the correct direction to the winch.

Physical challenge. Cruising is a physical activity, and you may be overwhelmed during your first few days of learning. Even keeping your balance on a buoyant vessel can be physically challenging let alone cruising it while keeping your balance.

The first few skills you will learn on your cruising trip will be to learn the sailor jargon as well as essentials skills. Moving on, learning all the different parts of the particular vessel you'll be learning to sail on. Although you should check out various types of sail boats on the net to see what's out there and what you could learn on.

Another skill to learn on the actual sails of the boat, is knowing when you should reduce or increase the sail. If you wanted to slow down, for example, you would reduce the sail so that you are not picking up as much wind. The above are the general skills required to sail however learning to sail the many different sail boat types requires various skills.

New friends and trusting them. An adventure has an element of doing something that you will not normally do on any given day. Apart from the adventure of learning something new and doing something unfamiliar, you will meet new people particularly your skipper, instructor, and classmates. You will have to trust them during the learning process. It would be easy to do on dry land, but once you get out into the water and all your fears set in, this act will be quite difficult. Trusting a stranger with your life under vulnerable circumstances is an adventure in itself.

If you're learning the cruising techniques and skills make sure you choose the best option for you. If you want to get together with a large group of people then learning on a tall ship may be better for you. If you are learning to sail for the reason of buying your sail boat then learning on one of the smaller sail boat options may be best for you.

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