By Harold Williams

Why is it important to read fast? Beyond saving time when tackling a passage, swiftness allows you to cover more content in the shortest time. When extracting information, it is easier if you can read fast. Gurus in the speed reading world have shared their tips on reducing the time taken to complete a package. Here are proven tricks that will make you a fast reader.

There is a perfect time to read. This applies whether you need information from a passage or are doing it for leisure. When your mind is settled and the body relaxed, you complete a passage in the shortest time. Experts recommend that you read in the morning when both the body and mind are fresh. Some people prefer late at night when there are few distractions. Remember that timing will also affect your grasp of content.

What is your academic scope? Reading anything above or below your scope is discouraged. Keep away from content that is not for your discipline or profession. If the mind can understand the content easily, it will process it faster. Text that is below your level is boring and does not motivate you to increase the pace.

Check the environment where reading is taking place. There are distractions that are likely to slow you down. They include internet or messenger alerts, music, noise, on-going conversations, etc. You need an appropriate desk that is comfortable to enable you read over a long period. Illuminate the text properly and ensure that the environment is warm. When the environment is right, the mind focuses better.

Have clear intentions on why you are reading the text. If the activity is for leisure purposes, you might not pay much attention to details. However, if your target is to extract information, you need to pay more attention to details. This will demand a different pace.

A consistent pace in all circumstances is impossible. The environment, content being read, your physiological state, etc interfere with the pace. An example is in the morning when the body is fully relaxed. The pace is higher at the library because it is quiet. Appreciate these factors and adjust accordingly.

There are classes where you can learn to read faster. They are available in institutions and by freelancers. They offer time-tested tactics that have been researched and approved by professionals. They also customize your pace for the situation you will be reading, e. G. For media, making presentations, leisure, etc. You also get methods that you can use in different circumstances and naturally.

Reading pace is determined by multiple factors. Some of them include the nature of text, the environment, intention and how well you have mastered pro tricks given, among others. Your pace can drastically improve if you engage an expert. This also comes with the added benefits of better comprehension that can be transferred to other environments or situations.

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