By Sharon Taylor

Creativity enables people to come up with new ideas. Also, it makes people interested in things that they are doing. For that reason, a creative person is more likely to things in a better way than that person who is not able to come up with new ways to solve. Right brain activation enables you to be creative and innovative. Here are ways you can enhance your creativity.

Take time and fantasize regularly. Some people think that daydreaming is a waste of time. All they fail to know is that it helps you think of things that do not even exist. Thus, try to find answers to some questions that always bother you. Imagination is believed to be a very powerful tool to come up with new ideas. Also, it helps your mind to keep active therefore making it easy for you to reason properly.

Engage in photo shooting activity. This is an activity that requires you to employ great creativity. This is because to come up with a stunning photo you have to be imaginative. You need to that as you engage in your daily activities, you may notice new things that you always have to think about severally. It, therefore, helps you take a camera and have a day out taking pictures.

Take a moment and release yourself into meditation. Meditation involves taking a deep breath and trying to forget that the world exists. During meditation, you want to listen to yourself and the activities taking place inside your body. This helps you to notice something you have never discovered about you and the world. This keeps your mind jogging.

Chew something to keep you active and your mental coordination engaged. This may seem like a weird idea but is a great way to stimulate your mind. If you are eating food, take your time and make sure that you notice every flavor in the food as it goes down. As you chew, to try to forget everything in the real world and try to meditate on that you can keep your mind active.

Engage in imaginative writing activities. Many people think that writing is just for the expert writers. However, you also can write the things that give you motivation. Also, you can record the things that catch your attention as you go on with your daily undertaking. This makes your mind more conscious, and thus you will become more imaginative.

Ensure you explore new places. If you are a driver, it is vital to try to use a different route from the one that you are used to taking. This will keep your mind engaged, and thus you will be more imaginative. Also, when you keep walking, you will encounter new problems which you need your mind to solve. For that reason, moving around is also, a great way to stimulate and jog your brain.

To end with, take time to understand colors. Doing things like crosswords and understanding colors is good ways to pass the time. However, you need to know that it is a great way of exercising your brain by keeping it engaged. Anytime you feel your mind becomes less active you can take something with many colors and try to understand them. You will both be entertained and more creative as well by the time you are through with the colors.

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